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Acceptus is a young and dynamic company dedicated to events organization and coordination


Opposities attract. For other countries, Andalusia is a sensual, exotic destination, with enormous character and a rich history. Russian and Chinese tourists find in Andalusia boundless sensations. But not everything is acceptable. At Acceptus, we make a difference between what is good and what is excellent. Since, in order to be good hosts, it is essential to be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the guests. At Acceptus, we welcome Russian and Chinese tourists with open arms, designing tours and cultural immersions adapted to them and in their own language.

We are the perfect allies of event agencies that do not have offices in Andalusia and which are unfamiliar with the needs of Russian and Chinese tourists and business travellers.

Travel. Discover. Surprise Yourself. With Acceptus.

Travel. Discover. Surprise yourself. Spain.
Travel. Discover. Surprise yourself. Spain.


To imagine. To Create. Two verbs that we combine with talent. We have an inkling and, at that moment, obtain inspiration. And the shift from imagination to reality takes us down a path which we tread with great passion, passion for art. For us this is simple because we deeply love what we do, and only in this way can art emerge and flow. There is not much more to say. Simply, our way of understanding art, fashion and music is unique. With the professionalism of our audiovisual team ACCEPTUS Producciones and the artistic direction of our platform ProyectandoARTE, we have created “Entre Mairena y Sevilla”, a flamenco fashion video clip. “ENTRE MAIRENA Y SEVILLA” an audiovisual production by Acceptus under the artistic direction of ProyectandoARTE.
In 2007, Seville hosted the 1st Joaquín Turina International Classical Music Festival, thus initiating a musical journey with its founder Benedicte Palko. A tireless fighter, Palko has surrounded herself with the best international chamber music performers. In it 5th edition, held in September 2015, Acceptus immortalized some of the festivals unique moments. We are proud to surround ourselves with art. Where there is art, we will be there: Genalguacil and its International Art Festival, ProyectandoARTE (www.proyectandoarte.es) with its innovative savoir faire and creation, and recently the 5th Joaquín Turina International Classical Music Festival.

Enjoy the best in chamber music. A real delight.

Ours are unique events. That is how we do things at Acceptus, always working with originality and novel approaches, clearly related to art and culture, and always treating our clients’ brands as if they were our own. Acceptus has consolidated its position with each event, incentive, production, presentation, campaign and launch. With a team of professionals who love their work and control each production phase, down to the smallest detail, so as not leave anything to improvisation, we always aim to surprise the target audience. We are Acceptus’ team and involved in events, productions and designs. We are your team.
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This is our slogan for the New Year. Hope should be our byword for the whole of 2016. Hope for starting new projects, new journeys, new product launches and presentations.

At Acceptus, it is a feeling that has accompanied us since we started out in this business and is reinforced with each new event, audiovisual production, project and client who comes to us as a stranger and leaves as a friend.

For this reason, because we always cherish hope, we would like to share this feeling with you. At Acceptus and our art platform ProyectandoART, we hope that you will run, fly and ride the wind, and we do so with the children’s choir “Hope” for whom we have produced their first single, wishing you all the very best in 2016.

At ACCEPTUS, our work philosophy combines originality, savoir faire, passion for our work and always successful results. International perfume and cosmetic firms have entrusted our team their campaigns for launching new products and promoting them. A different vision, original proposals, a multidisciplinary team for handling all campaign aspects, from the basic idea to audiovisual and photographic production, through event and promotional staff, models and auxiliary personnel. Brands like Victorio&Luchino, Adolfo Dominguez, and Bulgari, among others, have entrusted ACCEPTUS with the successful launching of their new products. Because our staging is unique. Because our team is incredible. Because we do everything with that special touch. And what better way than to demonstrate this with photos, because everyone knows that an image is worth a 1000 words.

Acceptus is not only an event agency, not just a production company, and both aspects allow the firm to know what kind of tool a venue needs to promote its facilities and offer virtual accessibility, and how to develop it. On being an event organizer, Acceptus knows what kind of information it needs to find on a hotel website, what tools are essential so as to be able to assess, select and decide on a hotel complex, and as an audiovisual and photographic production company, it also knows how to create them.

For example, the Pequeño Rocio Hotel Complex, located in the Huelva hamlet of El Rocio, has commissioned Acceptus’ team to create a virtual tour of the property. With this tool, the Pequeño Rocio will strengthen its position, offering new and more exhaustive information on its versatile website and social networks feed, adapted to the needs of the public and geared to engaging potential guests by showcasing its facilities and services in such an attractive and accessible way.

Hotels and tourist attractions that are fully accessible online, fully prepared for generating new leads. A clientele increasingly more demanding as to virtual tools, both in the private sector and in the MICE industry. Technology plays an increasingly more important role and gives a competitive edge to those companies that implement it in their communication strategy. Total accessibility, 360º vision and an endless list of advantages.

Acceptus Virtual Tours, the best tool for promoting venues.

Acceptus – Events, Production and Design, always committed to the most agile and imaginative solutions for its clients.