About us

Acceptus is a young and dynamic company dedicated to events organization and coordination


Opposities attract. For other countries, Andalusia is a sensual, exotic destination, with enormous character and a rich history. Russian and Chinese tourists find in Andalusia boundless sensations. But not everything is acceptable. At Acceptus, we make a difference between what is good and what is excellent. Since, in order to be good hosts, it is essential to be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the guests. At Acceptus, we welcome Russian and Chinese tourists with open arms, designing tours and cultural immersions adapted to them and in their own language.

We are the perfect allies of event agencies that do not have offices in Andalusia and which are unfamiliar with the needs of Russian and Chinese tourists and business travellers.

Travel. Discover. Surprise Yourself. With Acceptus.

Travel. Discover. Surprise yourself. Spain.
Travel. Discover. Surprise yourself. Spain.

To imagine. To Create. Two verbs that we combine with talent. We have an inkling and, at that moment, obtain inspiration. And the shift from imagination to reality takes us down a path which we tread with great passion, passion for art. For us this is simple because we deeply love what we do, and only in this way can art emerge and flow.There is not much more to say. Simply, our way of understanding art, fashion and music is unique. With the professionalism of our audiovisual team ACCEPTUS Producciones and the artistic direction of our platform ProyectandoARTE, we have created “Entre Mairena y Sevilla”, a flamenco fashion video clip.“ENTRE MAIRENA Y SEVILLA” an audiovisual production by Acceptus under the artistic direction of ProyectandoARTE.
In 2007, Seville hosted the 1st Joaquín Turina International Classical Music Festival, thus initiating a musical journey with its founder Benedicte Palko. A tireless fighter, Palko has surroun